WAUSAU, WI (WAOW - Newsline 9) - By Bonnie Shelton

It's a small meat market just blocks from downtown Wausau. The storefront is nestled in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by homes. It's owners don't pay for advertising, but chances are if you've been there, you've been back.

"My wife says she hears me get up at four in the morning and I'm in the shower whistling because I love my job," Dave Jagler said. He told Newsline 9 if you step inside Townline Market, you'll find out why he loves it so much.

"It's not just walking into the supermarket and grabbing something out of the meat counter. Here, it's a personalized service."

It's that kind of service that Jagler said keeps him in business.

"When you're little you have to go that extra mile," he said.

Townline Market is little, but at lunch time people crowd the small counter in the back of the store to grab a sandwich or a cut of meat trimmed to order.

"It's quality, quality meat," customer Nancy Schede said. She's been coming to Townline for more than 30 years.

"They know everything about you and, you know, they know family, they ask about your children and your grandchildren," she said.

Jagler took over the store in 2007. "My family has run his business for over 40 years," Jagler said, but through the years, it's changed. Once, a specialty meat shop with a few extras. Now, a lot more choices.

"It started out when my dad started this place we had maybe one sandwich and one soup. And now we'll have 50 sandwiches." Dave's mother, Sharon Jagler, has watched business boom. "What we did the first weeks they do probably in an hour now," she said.

Townline doesn't do much advertising, relying instead on word of mouth. Jagler said it works.

"We have customers that have been coming here since we've been open and now we see their children and grandchildren coming in," Dave Jagler said. And it's those customers that keep him going.

Jagler said it's the market's brand of personalized service that makes the difference.

"When people come in and you know their name and you ask about their kids and they're asking about you, its like 'Cheers' always was; everybody knows your name," he said. "Your name, and how you like your sandwich."